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About Lindsay


Coming Out Fat


Like so many plus-size people, I'd been convinced that being fat was the worst thing I could be and that I owed the world thinness. My mother and the rest of my family modelled hatred of their fat bodies (or fear of developing a fat body) to me from birth. Society and media conditioned me to view fat bodies as lazy, dumb, disgusting, undesirable, shameful, unloveable, unwanted, and something to laugh at. 

I went on my first diet at 16 and thus began 25 years of torture, weight-cycling, hating myself, hiding from the world, weight loss surgery, and the development of a binge eating disorder. 

In 2020 I finally cracked. I could NOT keep obsessing about my weight and I was no longer going to torture myself with starvation diets. They didn't work and I was fatter and unhappier than I'd ever been.

Thus began my fat liberation journey and what led me to finally stop seeing myself as a thin person trapped inside a fat person's body just needing the right diet, and instead ...

I came out as FAT! 

I am a fat person. I love my fat body. I don't owe the world thinness and damn it, I deserve to take up space and live a full life regardless of my body size. 

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I am a FAT...

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  • Athlete & Adventurer

  • Entrepreneur

  • Business Skills Trainer

  • Confidence Coach

  • Podcast Host & YouTuber

  • Neurodivergent Baddie

  • Queer, Nonbinary Hottie

... and I'm here to show the world that being fat is not a bad thing and it doesn't have to hold us back from living badass lives!

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Live Your Best Fat Joy Life!


Fat Badassery

Listen in as special guests share how they're busting stereotypes and changing the world!


Fat Joy Friends

Fat-positive workouts on TikTok Mon & Wed at 4:30 pm PT and Fat Chats live on YouTube with special guests!


Take Up Space

 Confidence coaching for folks who want to take up space and live their best life!


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