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Fat Positive Workouts


Join Us Live on TikTok for Fat-Positive Workouts! 

Here's how it works ...


  1. You choose a program from our library of plus size personal trainers

  2. I'll follow my own program (I'm currently following programs designed by Vera Scoffield from Flexibility by Vera and Louise Green from Big Fit Girl)

  3. We'll meet on TikTok workout on our own programs together and chit-chat in the comments


Occasionally we'll be joined by other trainers for fun Q&A sessions while we get our sweat on!


I email the following week's schedule out on Saturdays so you can choose which times you'll just us!

Fat Chats

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Join me and special guests on YouTube for Fat Chats!​

Discover all the cool fat positive authors, entrepreneurs, content creators and more!


We go live to cover current topics, share tips and expert advice, unpack anti-fat issues, lean into fat joy living, and answer your fantastical fatty questions!

Get on my email list for upcoming Fat Chats and access the replays as soon as they're posted.

Fierce and Curvy Empire_Fantastical Fatty Podcast - Stop Giving a Crap about Society's Bod
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