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Welcome to the Fantastical Fatty Podcast, where we celebrate fat baddies challenging body size stereotypes, smashing anti-fat narratives, and changing the freaking world for fatties like you and me.

Damali Fraiser - Body Liberation through Fitness - Fantastical Fatty Podcast - square.png

Body Liberation through Fitness

with Damali Fraiser

Many people are moving to position body neutrality over body positivity and Damali believes it's both/and. We are never just one thing and just as Damali is a fat black woman that may not always like every aspect of her "both" she wants to seek anything but neutrality when comes to her body!

Martinus Evans - Slow AF Run Club_Fantastical Fatty Podcast square.png

Rewriting the Book on Plus Size Running

with Martinus Evans

In a world where fat athletes are excluded from races, training, clothing, and all other forms of representation ... it just takes one crappy comment from a troll to piss someone like Martinus off enough to create his own size-inclusive world for plus-size runners! Martinus reminds us, "You need to have delusional self-belief. You have to believe in yourself so much, so hard that anybody else around you thinks you're crazy. "

Fierce and Curvy Empire_Fantastical Fatty Podcast_Ditch Body Ideals and Find Your Own Body

Forget Body Ideals and Find Body Joy!

with Fierce and Curvy Empire

At a certain point, we just have to stop giving a crap about other people's opinions (seriously, who cares?) and forget about trying to fit into society's beauty standards for the sake of finding our own body joy! Only then can we start to confidently take up space and be the best version of ourselves...the version that's changing the freaking world!

Sophia Apostle_Fantastical Fatties Podcast_It's Ok to be Fat_episode 4_square.png

It's Ok to Be Fat and Joyful!

with Sophia Apostol

It's taken Sophia a lifetime to release her ties to toxic weight-loss culture, embrace her fat body, and dare to take up space in the body she has now. The bottom line of it all ... it's ok to be fat! In this episode, we share our experiences of existing in a fat body and weave in our stories that anyone who's dared to exist in a plus-size body will relate to! 

Sophia reminds us, "Our bodies are not the problem. The systems need to be fixed." 

Kesley Jones_Fantastical Fatty Podcast_How Body Confidence Helps You Take Up Space_square.

How Body Confidence Helps You Take Up Space

with Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones, alt fat baddie with a passion for makeup and helping others love the skin they're in by showing off her own with no apologies, tells us how to have body confidence so we can take up space and love ourselves no matter what we look like! Kelsey reminds us, "In the self-love journey, no step is too small, as long as it's going in the right direction."

Mia Braithwaite Why Fat Runners Need to Stop Dieting_podcast cover.png

Why Fat Runners Need to Stop Dieting

with Mia Braithwaite

Plus Size Running Coach, Mia Braithwaite, brings the heat as she challenges common myths around being a fat runner, plus size athlete, running for weight loss (hint: it's not gonna work), joyful movement, anti-fat bias in medicine, what a runner's body looks like and how to get started running in a fat body. Whew!

Why Fat Joy Matters in Plus Size Romance Novels

with Alexis Maness

Plus-size romance novels are missing the mark with it comes to writing fat characters with joy and adventures unrelated to their body size and Alexis is stepping up to literally change the story! Fat people are so much more than their bodies and they deserve to see themselves experiencing joy, romance, adventures, and success no matter the size of their bodies! 

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