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Confidence Coaching

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Unleash Your Main Character Energy


For folks ready to unleash their main character energy and finally break free of the fear of judgement, playing small, and existing in the background of life. 

Our coaching sessions will help you discover unshakable confidence and self-love so that you can create a life filled with great people, fun adventures, and meaningful experiences all your own.

During our sessions we'll dive into subjects like...

  • Setting boundaries and saying no (one of the quickest ways to build your confidence even if it's scary AF at first!)

  • Uncovering areas in your life where you're hiding out of fear of judgement, failure, or looking foolish

  • Shifting your thoughts and self-talk from critical to loving (no more being your own bully!)

  • Exploring what you want out of life and how you want to show up in the world

  • Customized activities, resources, and tools to support you in creating the life you want!


I'll meet you where you're at (no pressure to go faster that what feels safe and comfortable for you) and create a safe, non-judgmental space for us to explore these areas together.


Together we'll help you connect more deeply to the confident badass inside and tap into your main character energy!

Package Options

  • 1 month: Weekly sessions (4 sessions total) for $480

  • 3 months: Bi-weekly sessions (6 sessions total) for $600

  • 6 months: Bi-weekly sessions (12 sessions total) for $110

Sessions are 1 hour and held on Zoom. Payment plans available for the 3 and 6 month options. 

If you're ready to connect to your inner main character energy and courageously take up space in the world apply for coaching and let's get bold together!

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